Join Us Sunday, January 9, for “Blinders Off! Seeing Through Evolutionary Eyes” With Raphael Cushnir

On Sunday, January 9th, the first Beyond Awakening dialogue of 2011 — will bring you a truly original and deep voice — Raphael Cushnir. His work focuses on emotional connection and how to relax the subtle (often invisible) layers of emotional contraction that cut us off from ourselves and others. He is also a lifelong political activist, who takes his responsibility as a planetary citizen very seriously.

There is no greater arbiter of spiritual progress, he says, than the way we live our lives. When we’re the most triggered, for example, are we still able to treat ourselves and those around us with loving kindness? When faced with waves of overwhelming emotion, do we sink or surf? And perhaps most important, does the way we use power and resources, both human and planetary, serve the universal drive for oneness, or the competing drive for dissolution?

Raphael’s work is all about taking these urgent questions into the practical domain of what we say and do in the here and now. Join us for a conversation beyond right and wrong, right or left, good and bad. It’s a conversation, now and ongoing, upon which our very survival depends.

About Raphael Cushnir:

Raphael Cushnir is a leading voice in the world of emotional connection and present moment awareness. He is the author of five books, including The One Thing Holding You BackSetting Your Heart on Fire, andEmotional Connection. He also lectures worldwide and coaches individuals and teams at Fortune 100 companies, governments, religious organizations, and leading non-profits.

Raphael’s own heart was opened by an experience of profound grief. In 1996, both his career and his marriage fell apart. “It was a classic dark night of the soul,” he recalls. “Many people experience something similar in their own lives. The particulars are always different but the essential experience is the same — a deep, depressing, gut-wrenching pain. In my case, everything I thought I knew about life went completely out the window.”

Then, luckily, one of Cushnir’s mentors convinced him to embrace the pain instead of turn away from it. He suggested that, in fact, this was a perfect opportunity to “wake up”. Cushnir took his mentor’s advice and ran with it. Fifteen years later he’s waking up still, one moment at a time. Helping others to do the same has become his new life mission.


Sunday, January 9th at 10:00am Pacific

Please Note: There will be a limited number of lines available on the live conference call, so we encourage you to listen online if possible. To make sure you can get through by phone, we encourage you to dial in early.

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We look forward to your attendance!

The Beyond Awakening Team

Ram Dass and Love —Some Unexpected, and Deeply Moving Surprises

Although he has never said it before, about six months ago, Ram Dass began admitting to close friends that, yes, something has shifted, and now he is enlightened. Something new has happened with Ram Dass! He’s abiding now, deeply, simply, in joy, with contentment, as love. Whereas before there was a “doing” of love, as he puts it, he’s simply being love now, just like the title of his new book.

For 40+ years, Ram Dass had always very explicitly said that he wasn’t enlightened, just a person on the path. But, recently, something profound has shifted.

I was deeply moved by the experience of interviewing him — I just naturally slowed down and simply opened, paying attention, and being with him—and feeling, even in the pauses between words, a deep and profound spiritual transmission. Many people who listened to our conversation last night wrote to tell us that they felt the same thing—several said they were moved to tears. There was something about his simple presence—even during pauses—that communicated a profound transmission of spiritual love.

I was blessed by the opportunity to interview Ram Dass—twice. That wasn’t the plan. We had simply arranged to conduct the interview beforehand, and to edit it (since he often pauses for words since his stroke in 1997.) So I recorded a conversation with him the week before our broadcast. It was a beautiful, moving exchange; we edited it, and planned to play it, and then to shift invisibly to the live broadcast for the questions and answers that we planned to take after the main interview had played.

But last night we had a series of technical glitches, and we couldn’t broadcast the recording. Both Ram Dass and I had called in to listen to the recording beforehand, so, after my introduction, we went live, and (after a delay) we dived right back in, and had an entirely new conversation. Many of you listened to that live. And if you did, you may remember me announcing that we’d be posting our previous conversation for download. Well, it’s ready now. So please be our guest and meet Ram Dass in a new and very beautiful moment of his journey on this planet, and tune into his profound transmission of love via two (beautiful, and yet very different) audio downloads.

The original interview, here, lasts a little less than an hour, and contains a beautiful discussion of the themes of Beyond Awakening, in relation to Ram Dass’s commitment to “being love”—simply and directly—right here and right now—first, last, and always.

The second one, which we just engaged spontaneously after our technical problems, was tender and disarmingly transmissive. It had a few truly special moments, and includes questions and answers. In its edited form (no need for you to re-endure the technical difficulties) it’s a little over an hour, and you can find it here.

With gratitude and in service,

Terry — on Monday, November 29, 2010

PS – One of the members of our community, Peggy Wrenn, transcribed some sections, which read almost like a poem. You can find it below, in the comments.