Join Us this November 4th for “Transformation Through Intimacy” with Robert Augustus Masters and Diane Bardwell Masters

Transformation Through Intimacy: Relationship As a Crucible/Sanctuary For Transforming Human Consciousness & Culture

For a very long time, intimate relationship has been viewed and lived, with few exceptions, as an alternative — and not necessarily an equivalent alternative — to spiritual life. Now there is not only a significant opportunity for something profoundly liberating to happen in and through intimate relationship, but also a greatly increasing need for it. So intimate relationship has, at its leading edge, become less a prelude to spiritual opening and awakening, and more a crucible/sanctuary for it, modeling a deeply embodied “we”-space into which human culture needs to transition.

In truly intimate relationship, we learn to find freedom not from limitation, but through limitation. And we also learn to become intimate with all that we are, high and low, dark and light. So no matter how unpleasant or uncomfortable a quality in us may be, we choose to relate to it rather than from it. Such intimacy cuts through the us-versus-them mentality and projections that plague our culture.

Relationship then becomes not something to partially participate in, but rather something to fully embody and live, especially as we realize, right to our core, that everything — everything! — exists through relationship. In the liberating bondage and radical transparency of real intimacy, everything that arises can serve our healing and awakening, both personally and collectively.

And what a wonderfully sobering and illuminating joy it is to enter so deeply into shared living that everything is permitted to awaken us! And to do this not just for ourselves, but for all of us, shifting from “me” to a dynamically inclusive “us” without any homogenizing of our differences…

In this dialogue, with Robert Augustus and Diane Bardwell Masters, we’ll explore the spiritual and cultural relevance of relational intimacy, the stages of relationship, and the need to equally honor the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal.


Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D., is the author of 11 books (including Transformation Through Intimacy and Spiritual Bypassing), as well as a teacher of spiritual deepening and a highly experienced psychotherapist and bodyworker (and trainer of psychotherapists) with a doctorate in Psychology. His uniquely integral, intuitive work (developed over the past 32 years) dynamically blends the psychological and physical with the spiritual, emphasizing full-blooded embodiment, authenticity, emotional openness and literacy,  deep shadow work, and the development of relational maturity. For more information on his work and writings (and to subscribe to his free newsletter), visit For his online work, visit

Diane Bardwell Masters, Robert’s wife and beloved partner in all things, works side-by-side with him in their sessions, groups, and trainings, contributing deeply to the work being done, being a highly skilled psychotherapist in her own right. She is also an intuitive healer and Reiki master, as well as a professional singer with a special talent for accessing and transmitting heartfelt spirituality through her original music and chants. Her most recent CD is O Breathe Us Deep, with a forthcoming CD  featuring music that supports deep healing and awakening. See

At essence Robert and Diane’s work is about becoming more intimate with all that we are, in the service of deep healing, awakening , and integration.


Thursday, November 4th @ 5:00pm Pacific,
with Robert Augustus Masters and Diane Bardwell Masters

Transformation Through Intimacy: Relationship As a Crucible/Sanctuary For Transforming Human Consciousness & Culture

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We look forward to your attendance!

The Beyond Awakening Team


  1. says

    Robert Augustus Masters on Intimacy

    We could try to live our life numb, fragmented, and in denial but it might be difficult to hold these qualities in a true intimate relationship. If such a transparent, vulnerable, no exit relationship is working, our shadows and neurosis will come to the surface to be healed.

    Robert’s work involves becoming more intimate with all parts, states, and qualities of our self including our anger, fear, sadness, shame, guilt, self criticism, and self hatred. We can not get rid of these and need not make these our leaders; but we need to know how to relate with them in a healthy way. Robert invites us to equally value the personal, relational, and transcendent.

    In a relationship there is connection and also separation. A good practice in a relationship is to allow a person to be who she is and hold her in a safe place of love. A good motivation for a relationship is to serve the World together.

    Terry is calling for a sangha where PEERS can be together in transparency, vulnerability, self awareness, strength, and inspiration for the World. Why not start right now with all the guests on these talks? Are they willing to walk the talk together? Are they willing to allow us to be with them as peers to heal, grow, and serve the World together? These are actual questions.

    A caution; as we become more and more open, sensitive and vulnerable we also need to have groundedness, boundaries, strength, power, spaciousness, and some numbness in order to survive in the sometimes painful and messy world of samsara.

    I found this talk to be a great blessing. Thank you.

  2. John Munter says

    A few years ago the most unusual experience of my life happened in a dream context.

    She and I had met on the streets in our daily vigil demonstrating against the war in vietnam in duluth. We were friends for a year, but she followed her dharma to become a hippy and wise woman and respected elder of the Rainbow Family Gathering.

    Seven years later she and I ran into each other outside of bread & circus in Boston. Upping the ante, I proposed marriage in an opening negotiating position. She never declined but wandered off after a few weeks and we lost track of each other as was becoming our custom.

    About seven years later as i was wandering through a seminary library and the front page of the Des Moines Register caught my eye. There was a story about the Rainbow in Texas where some yahoo was driving his truck through the Gathering and endangering life and limb. My friend jumped in front of the truck with upraised arm. Both thought each other would back off. He didnt know my friend. She was run over. I wired her money to fly back to CA to heal. Later she would take up tibetan yoga to work with the chronic pain.

    A few years later I saw her for the last time in person at the Gathering in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. We were both too wise to ourselves to be anything but good friends. I had known her since mars and we quickly lost contact with each other as was our custom.

    Several decades later i searched her out through the official Rainbow contacts and we had a glorious email reunion and worked together closely for a few years on issues particular to our time and place.

    A few months before she died I had a dream. I didn’t normally remember dreams about her or spend much time trying to remember mine but I saw her approaching me. We were both in our very normal dream bodies.

    All of a sudden I was flipped into being aware of myself as a consciousness of an oval empty space. However there were these whirling vortices of energy like wormholes that I knew must be my past (and future?) lives. Initially I was not aware of her at all–or God–or the light–or anything else (which surprised me) and it was not particularly ecstatic, just surprising. It reminded me a lot of experiences in the Gospel of Thomas like L2 being ‘troubled’ and ‘astonished’ and being outside the time stream. (later on it surprised me i was only aware of 6,8, or 10 vortices since I assume i have had hundreds of lives.)

    Then she embraced me and that was ecstasy beyond anything i had known in touching all the points in each others being. And we began contemplating together our lives together ecstaticly. Of course i cannot remember any of the detail. We descended farther and farther in vibratory rate. It really surprised me the higher self could experience such ecstasy in this detail involving the elemental life, however now i am thinking perhaps some of these were maybe also in more pleasureable astral planes.

    We kept descending and going way down like in an elevator or tube until i found myself back in my normal dream body with her reclining or sleeping on my breast. I exclaimed in a bit of shock and disappointment: “Hey!! Where did you go?” All we were were bodies once again.

    She never recalled any of this, of course.

    I don’t consider this totally unexpected and uninvited experience an ultimate one but one along the road. I don’t necessarily even consider her and I ‘twin souls’ but maybe this ecstasy is the norm that I have to live up too. She certainly expressed to me the ideal of living the ecstatic, mission filled life from the beginning to the long suffering end.

    –Written in Memoriam to my friend, the indomitable and fearless warrior for truth and light, the nameless wanderer who named all names, who danced all dances, who sang all songs, who crafted the joy and freedom of the universe.

    We had an ecstatic dance across the world. I have no regrets and she would have me have none.


  3. Richard Boevingloh says

    Dear Terry;

    After listening to your description of the 100th monkey phenomon tonight (while waiting for Bro David R)., I was aware that I was not totally resonating with what you expressed as your interpretation of the 100th Monkey story.
    So, I would like you to consider another angle that I use personally in my life each day. While I genuinly believe in wave consciousness spreading around the planet and beyond (100th monkey principal), I also strongly believe that the Universe is continually speaking to me in the form of pushing or leading or intuiting me as to what to do next in my life.

    While I consciously “do” what’s next in my life, I am also aware that I am spreading the 100th monkey principal as well. These are not separate issues for me.

    As a footnote, even if I, or someone, doesn’t “do” anything further in their life…..just by holding the consciousness of the 100th monkey principal (spreading the energy of enlightened consciousness) will also have a definite positive effect on the 100th monkey phenomon.
    To this end, I have concluded that all my intentional conscious “doings” in life truly contribute to the 100th phenomon as well. Its a true win / win for me and feels completely accurate as well.

    PS. pardon my spelling

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